Founded in 2009, Hydronalix has become recognized as a leader and international symbol in robotics innovation for beach and flood rescue with our successful patented EMILY product line. Our Mission is to provide enhanced value added capabilities to first responders, earth scientists, military, and safety to the maritime industry. Our focus is on development of small expendable maritime robotic technologies to support missions ranging from search and rescue, bathymetric mapping and underwater ISR, to meteorological station keeping and data gathering, in challenging open ocean and littoral marine environments. We have 11,000 square feet of Engineering, Office, and manufacturing space in Sahuarita, AZ. Water testing is performed at Silver-Bell, Patagonia, and Sahuarita Lakes in Arizona. Ocean and surf zone testing is performed in San Diego, Venice Beach, and Malibu, CA. Company sales are both domestic and overseas with export distribution through out Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The company maintains a growing staff of skilled engineers and technicians performing advanced development services and products for the Navy, NOAA, DARPA, and DHS. In addition to EMILY, the company produces a complete product line of advanced Autonomous Mobile Buoys (AMB).   The company’s executive leadership team has collective experience of over 200 years in Ocean and Marine Engineering, Robotic systems, advanced sensors, manufacturing, and materials science.